Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist

Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist
This is him, at a recent Comic Con

Monday, 28 May 2012

Value for Money

I promised a while back to take a look at some Beano covers of the Past that I'd redrawn because I hadn't been satisfied with my first attempt. So here goes, right back to the beginning, with my second-ever Beano cover! It's for the Halloween 1999 issue, and I drew it on August21st that year. But then I wasn't sure it was spooky enough so I drew a more dramatically angled one, here on the right. I couldn't decide which was best, so I sent them both in (no email then, it was Royal Mail!) and waited to see which one they'd choose. Duncan Leith phoned me to say they'd decided on the second one which they appreciated very much and thought very dramatic. The tone of his voice led me to think that if I was ever asked to do another Beano cover, maybe I should try and make that as dramatic as possible too. But would I be asked to do a third cover? Time would tell.


Kid said...

Still, they're BOTH very nice.

Peter Gray said...

I like the second one.with Gnasher in front of the full moon..

Andy Boal said...

If I hadn't seen the second one, I'd've said the first one was really good - because it is. The second one however blows it out of the water.