Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist

Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist
This is him, at a recent Comic Con

Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Pre-PreFab Four

Before the Rutles, there was another Beatles parody thing going on- (and before National Lampoon as well, dear American readers!) and it was The Beat bums, the Junior Crap Beatles! Yes, here they are, all lined up on a 'White album/Sgt Pepper' hybrid fake LP sleeve I drew back in about 1974. It was an amusing project, we changed the lyrics to well-known Beatles songs and, before the whole thing fizzled out, made a handful of LP sleeves, all full-size and laminated and so on. The lads were all real school friends- and very sadly the one on the left, Jeff Bowen, died suddenly this week, only 49. He must have remembered these days quite fondly because I'd completely forgotten it and it's thanks to his widow Alison and his cousin Derek that we're able to see it again.


Kid said...

Shame when that happens, eh? It's an ominous reminder of one's own all too tenuous mortality.

Nice cover 'though. Did you make any recordings to accompany the covers?

NP said...

I do have a dim memory of some recordings but I'm pretty sure I don't have any. Phew. And relax.

John Grimbaldeston said...

Nice find. Jeff was always very personable. Any idea who the others are?

NP said...

I'll try and remember, JG. Pretty sure Jeff's cousin Derek is one of them. If only I'd drawn better likenesses. Ah well, I had to spend SOME time doing school work too. As little as possible, as you know. Very early 70s. Not that I'm advocating that, kids, or condoning such irresponsible, carefree behaviour. It's not like anyone ever got a job where they fool around drawing all day after all.

Unknown said...

Well on one of the covers the name are, George Lawson and Ringo Turner, and yes me, Derek , and Jeff

So being 50 this year memory is very bad mainly because I did not keep in touch with people when I left school but the names Ian Lawson and Paul Turner keep spinning through my head.

Unknown said...

...and no recordings so yes, phew

NP said...

I may have spoken too soon.
It seems there ARE a few brief recordings. I'll resist the temptation to listen. I may need these ears.