Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist

Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist
This is him, more hirsuite than ever. 2015. Let's see what happens...

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

DITKO- a new book

I sometimes get weird looks from people when they find out I admire Jack Kirby or Frank Bellamy or someone. "But... you do funnies and they didn't..." their puzzled eyes seem to plead. Not true. I've done action, they've done funnies. Cartooning is cartooning whether one is going for a laugh or for a creep-out slug fest sci fi romance.

I like Steve Ditko. His work. I've never met him, and, even though he is still very much alive and well and even drawing, probably at this exact moment, I doubt I ever will meet him. But I know him, from his work. And what work. Original, daring, dynamic, and what a masterful storyteller.

Another great Yoe book, Ditko's Shorts has (finally) been published.
What more can you say about Craig Yoe's dedicated thoroughness and fan's-eye view of what to include (great design as usual- the tactile cover is a lovely weird treat by itself)?

OK, moving on to the stories and Steve's artwork. What more can you say about Ditko's surreal and disturbing world of dark shadows, angular victims, gross perpetrators and above all, beaded-sweating men on the run?

OK, then buy it.

Monday, 3 November 2014

the Beano

The Beano is on sale on Wednesday, and it's the continuation of the story begun in the special Trinity Mirror edition of The Beano given away free on Saturday. Tell all your friends. It's the comic worth the money.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Another Free BEANO

Today's Daily Mirror, Daily Record, Manchester Evening Post and Liverpool Echo (amongst other Trinity mirror papers) have (the same) free unique Beano today! We worked hard on it (VERY hard) and it's the start of a 3 part Dennis story, so grab your free one-off BEANO today!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Halloween Part 1

Halloween is split into two parts this year! First half is in this week's ghoulishly great BEANO (on sale now!) and the second half is in NEXT week's equally fantastic BEANO! For only the second time in her 60 year career, Minnie The Minx is the cover star, ousting that spikey haired menace, Dennis. Still, I don't mind, I draw them both. Happy Halloween!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Stories of the Past

Today's date reminds me of something.

Thirty four years ago this very day I decided to take charge of my 'career', which had been going nowhere in a rather dispiriting way for a couple of years. In summer 1979 I'd even taken a local government job, and ended up in August 1980 as head of a department! I was looking at the prospect of a long career in the County council, and even a pension. Either that or get out and do what I wanted to do.

Luckily, my department was merged with two others, and I was offered either redundancy or a three year contract. They must have thought I was crazy, taking the redundancy! It was the magnificent sum of £300 (even in 1980, that was like, nothing,) but I also got my superannuation back, and that amounted to another £300. Now, with £600, I had an idea! I arranged to go to Paris!

It was August 15th 1980, and I remember standing in the Dover Hovercraft Departure Bay reading a newspaper account of John Lennon being seen coming out of a New York recording Studio and him admitting he was working on a new LP- his first for five years. Exciting news of the 39 year old reclusive former Beatle.  My friend and I (I thought she was my friend, turned out years later she really wasn't. Enemy might be a truer description. Another story) enjoyed spending time in Paris, living in the Greek quarter, making my £600 last longer than seems feasible. You've seen The Rebel, that's basically what it was like, except I was a 6' 1", 11 stone 20 year old with lots of hair (yes, I was shorter then. Am taller now. Yet another story!)

So, it's now October 13th 1980, and I'm back home, wondering what to do, penniless and with no job. Only one answer- Get into Comics. So, I sat down with six big big sheets of Bristol board (actually 'fake' Bristol board- I was skint) and began drawing. My trip to Paris seemed to have energized me and I turned out some good stuff (relatively). On October 16th, I would bundle up three of the sheets, stuff them into a postal tube and address it to Bob Paynter at IPC, and the other three sheets to Bill Stirton at DC Thomson.
Who knew what the future might bring?

Sunday, 21 September 2014

New Comic Number One

Rumours that the British Comic Industry is moribund continue to be proven wrong as several brand new comics are due to be published over the next 30 days or so. Here's the first, FUNNY MONSTERS COMIC a splendid little thing by Joe Matthews, available in newsagents in the North West and Midlands next week. Give it a go, looks good. (Don't worry, I'm not involved, I just wanted you to know about it).

Read all about it and get a copy here at this link:

Loopy Lee Faces 60

Lee Cornes, the actor, will be celebrating a Big Birthday next month- so let's wish him many happy returns, right away- and I'll be that even if you don't know his name, you'll have enjoyed his work at some time or other.
He's probably best known for three TV series he appeared in, Grange Hill, where he was a Chemistry teacher, in the 1990s, and as seedy psychotic Publican Dick Head in the Late great Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson's sitcom Bottom, and as Colin Watkin's boozy pal in the under-rated sitcom Colin's Sandwich, starring another Late great, Mel Smith. There's a slim chance one or two readers will recall The Wow Show, the comedy troupe who broke the rules and then shot the rules, in two radio series and many stage, TV and club appearances. They often ended a club show by liberating the audience into the street and running off into the night- end of show!
The Wow show was Lee Cornes, Steve Frost, Mark Elliot and Mark Arden, who in 2004 asked me to produce this cartoon prĂ©cis of Lee's life and career!
Visit Lee's own page here:
Happy Birthday, Lee!

Self Portrait. Who's it of?

Here's me. Blue suede shows, as ever, and last year's Dennis-lite jersey. I don't really use an easel and palette but I do draw Dennis The Menace in The Beano. Any guesses what this was drawn for?