Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist

Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist
This is him, more hirsuite than ever. 2014. Let's see what happens...

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Three Exciting New Projects in the Works

I've got three exciting new projects in the works (but you know that, if you read the title). One is a new monthly comic strip-based magazine, another is a collection of old pages of mine, but with a fair chunk of never-published stuff, and the third is so unlikely and unexpected that I still can't quite imagine how on earth I got involved.
Needless to say, all will be revealed eventually, the first of these in a couple of weeks time. No pictures yet, but soon!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Don't Bin Those Freebies!

Remember that Mail on Sunday BEANO special edition- given away free in April but containing all-new stuff? Well, more recently we've done some other one-offs- such as for Holiday Inn, who's guests were delivered a free BEANO last week with their newspapers, and Brewer's Fayre restaurants. So, to get to the point, if you've got one of these special issues (not the Mail on Sunday one), let me know- I can't get hold of a copy anywhere from anyone! I'll throw in a prize for you in return if you like! So tell everyone you know, don't throw out that free BEANO, it's a valuable item to ME at least!

Monday, 1 September 2014

World Domination?

Last Wednesday's Beano featured a Minnie The Minx strip with a Make-up artist in it- but, in a never-ending effort to bring you a realistic experience, we went to the ends of the earth to find you a genuine make-up artist, not some fictional one. Luckily, we found one in NW8 so that's not too far really. Yes, here's Miranda, who some of you more mature readers may recognise (as she hasn't changed a bit!) from her previous job as saxophone player in The Bodysnatchers and then The Belle Stars, over 30 years ago. (Quite how she could blow that sax aged only about 5 to judge from this photo taken yesterday is beyond me). She's been one of the top make-up artists for over twenty five years now, self-taught and very much in demand. Last week, when getting into a taxi, the driver took a look at her and said "didn't you used to be in The Belle Stars"? Well, I guess it's a Sign of the Times. See this post from 2010 for a bit more info.
As to the contents of that tube... if you see either of us, feel free to ask.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Another Random Job

The day after Vic Reeves Big Night Out debuted on Channel 4 back in 1990, I drew this comic page of the characters created by Vic and Bob. If you saw the Big Night Out at the time, you'll most likely recognise the sort of thing they were doing.
The idea I had was to have it on the inside back page of The Face magazine or something. I sent a copy to Vic and Bob, a copy to the Producer/Director of the TV show, and a copy to the co-owner of the TV company that made the show, brand new TV star and comics fan Johnathan Ross.
Well, as is the way of these things, after a couple of months, I'd heard nothing and the TV show ended. Ah well, I thought, at least I had a go.
About two months after that, my phone rang one morning, and when I answered it, an unfamiliar voice said "Is that Nigel Parkinson? This is Bob Mortimer from the Vic Reeves Experience!" Which took me aback a little. But, feigning insouciance, I said "Oh yeah, hello". Bob went on to say he and Vic had been shown the page I'd drawn by Johnathan Ross and they all liked it so much they wanted me to work with them on their book, 'Vic Reeves Big Night In'. "Delighted" I said. And that's how I got to draw some fun stuff for Vic and Bob. Being on Channel 4 in 1990/91, nobody I knew had ever heard of them, but now it can be told.
And I'd like to thank Johnathan Ross for passing on my page, it led to a hilarious job and an eventful weekend in London.
But these are best saved for a future post!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Jim Petrie - A Beano Legend

A Minnie figurine based on Jim's distinctive drawing style.
Jim Petrie, who amongst many other things, drew the misadventures of Minnie The Minx from 1963 to 2000, died yesterday. Although he retired from comics over a decade ago he continued to paint (you may remember his vividly coloured Minnies of 1993 when he hand painted them!) nd he was persuaded to return a year or two ago as well. I never met him, but I've been looking after the character most associated with him for a couple of years now and always try to get in at least some of the energy he achieved every week! Those that did know him, like Craig Ferguson, Ian MacLaughlin (who very happily wrote Minnie for him to draw for several years) and Euan Kerr will be remembering him fondly today.

Monday, 21 July 2014

"Good night, Troy!"

The square jaw is the same, the blue eyes, black hair, raised eyebrow- fifty years ago, a new TV series was about to be unveiled- Stingray, starring Captain Troy Tempest, or as my Uncle Vernon said, "Maverick!" But it was all true, as the puppeteers had based the look of their lead character on then-hot property and star of Maverick, James Garner, who has died.
Garner was always a welcome presence on TV, his friendly private eye show, The Rockford Files in later years being a nice big hit.
I loved the Stingray strip in TV21, starting January 1965, drawn by Ron Embleton, and I even got to draw Troy myself in 1992 in several issues of Fleetway's 'Stingray' comic.
('Supermarionation'/Century 21 shows took inspiration from real people from time to time. Lady Penelope is very much Sylvia Anderson (especially the voice, of course!), Scott Tracy was based on Sean Connery, and Buddy Ebsen seemed a pretty close fit for Phones. Some people even see a likeness between the lead character in 'Secret Service' and Stanley Unwin.)

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Tidings of the Season

It's the end of July, and so obviously it's time for Christmas! Well, according to publishers, distributors and wholesalers, anyway. The Beano and Dandy annuals are with us yet again, and each have a few pages drawn by me, and coloured by Nika in her usual great way.

There's Minnie the Minx and Dennis the Menace and Gnasher in the Beano, and The Banana Bunch, Cuddles and Dimples and Greedy Pigg in the Dandy. We find out how Dennis started menacing at an early age, and see how Cuddles and Dimples finally trash their home, as they always seemed bent on - or do they?!There may be other pages by me too, but they were drawn so long ago I've forgotten if so.

The same day the annuals were published, so were this year's unexpected Summer Specials! And they were unexpected by everyone, including me and the editorial people too! But, they're here, and isn't that great!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

There have been three Beanos this week- odd business- one of them given free with a national sunday paper. Anyway, on Wednesday, Dennis The Menace is looking for Gnasher in London! And that's not all! Grab a copy and enjoy the middle part of a month-long epic yarn!
Here's the cover, without logo, etc, of next week's issue, with a cameo from London's most famous current mayor!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Sunday Choices

Well, on Sunday, you can buy a certain newspaper and find a FREE copy of The Beano- not just any old copy of The Beano, an all-new Beano! Yes, everything in it is being published for the first time. And not only that, but there's a coupon to get next week's regular Beano for half price. AND a special offer to get The Beano every week for ONE THIRD the regular price. So if you know anyone who buys The Mail On Sunday, now's your chance.

Here's the original artwork for the cover, as drawn by me and coloured in a far away land by Nika (of which, more later).

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bea in London

Between 1998 and 2009 I drew Bea practically every week. Recently I've been drawing her again. Here's one I drew and hand-coloured a few years ago, it's set in London, and I like the Thames barge at the end.