Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist

Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist
This is him, at a recent Comic Con

Friday, 29 April 2011

Excitement Mounts!

Further to my post back
 No-one having come up with the correct answer, here's a couple of photo clues! Each taken at the end of 1965.
OK, over to you!

Bank Holiday at Brighton

On the South Coast, Harry has a nice bank Holiday trip to Brighton. You can read all about it in The Dandy, handily on sale next Wednesday.

Stand By For Action!

At the beginning of 1993 Alan Fennell offered me a dream job- drawing Stingray (adapting a TV episode he'd written thirty years earlier!)
Of course, pretty quickly, the dream turned a bit nightmarish, as, true to form, I already had a pretty full diary but didn't dare turn down such an opportunity. Anyway, rushing to meet deadlines, I struggled by, drawing a whopping ten pages (including these, right and below), inking them and hand-colouring them.The page here (right) was finished at Alan's desk at Fleetway, Calley Emmas, art director, helping out, as I overlaid a sheet of white letratone to help with that foggy look! Alan was getting us sandwiches.

And left is a page I nearly got half right.
I'll say no more. It was fun. Of a nerve wracking kind!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Other chocolates are available

October 1938. Chocolate's generally unspoken medical benefits revealed in the daily newspapers of the time.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Photo Competition

I've been excited about this for months! Any idea what these two fine and much-loved gentlemen have in common? And what they're doing here on this blog? And who are they??!
A special toffee to anyone who guesses!

Gimme a Break

These last two weeks I have been plauged by those unsolicited phonecalls that come at just the wrong moment during the working day (you know, that moment when you have the cap off three pens and are juggling them to get the right line) and leave a little gap before intoning grandly "This is an Important Government Message" or "We are not selling anything".
Well, in the extremely unlikely event that anyone responsible for these calls might read this, let me tell you, I know it's not a Government message and I know you are selling something, so please don't call again, I have no interest in you, your product or your services. I've pressed button 9 and you keep calling. Please don't, because, like most people, I have no interest in anything an anonymous person tries to sell me over the phone. If I want something, I'll go and find it. Thanks.

Zero Gravity

Another from the reject pile, and another set in space. Originally designed around 1993 as Sidney the Kidney by George Nicholas for a kid's charity (this is true, I'm not making it up!) it flopped, so I rejigged it as Gary Grape, recoloured him green rather than red, and changed all the kidney puns to grape puns (surprisingly, there were a lot of them!) This was drawn by me, coloured by me, and was the first thing I'd used a computer on, actually an Apple Mac, and Photoshop and Quark Xpress. How professional!

What a Wedding

In October, Russell Brand got married to Katy Perry (I think I've got those names right, my interest in these people is not particularly overwhelming) and had a bit of a strange Indian-style ceremony which included a real-live tiger. Anyway, because photographers were not welcomed, someone had me do this imaginary scene, once again, drawn in a hurry and coloured by me on the computer.

Unseen Dennis

Unless you live in Scotland and watch BBC tv, you won't have seen this recent appearance of Dennis the Menace with Sally Magnusson. So here it is. Drawn in a sudden rush after hours, coloured in Photoshop by me and sent late at night, and screened on TV less than 24 hours later. How 21st Century.

Don't try this at home

No matter HOW much you may love Dennis the Menace, I wouldn't advise you go to the lengths this chap did- a tattoo on his leg of the Striped Terror. It's genuine, not a photoshop trick! Anyway, well done, mate, whoever you are, and you know, 'Ow!'

Dandy Next Week

Colours Nika
The Dandy next week has another Harry Hill story, this time he's joined by some of those TV chefs. There aren't enough of them on TV, are there? Anyway, give it a go, you may enjoy it! I did.