Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist

Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist
This is him, at a recent Comic Con

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

New Beano, So Beano

The revamped Beano hits the shops right about now. We feel we've got it just about right. It won't shock old readers. It won't annoy newer readers. It will attract brand new readers. All the favourites will be there at some time or another, and right from the start there's Dennis The Menace and Gnasher, Minnie The Minx, Roger The Dodger, The Bash Street Kids, Billy Whizz, Calamity James, Tricky Dicky, etc etc. There will be a long 4 page story every week featuring a different character or characters. First up, of course, is Dennis The Menace.

And here's a bit of a sneaky look at a rough attempt at a new logo I did back in March. Not bad. Might work!

And here (right) is my initial design for this year's annual cover.
These roughs are quite detailed, as now that The Beano is just the core of a much bigger organization that includes unique digital media and will eventually include new TV shows (and more!!!) a lot more people have to have a say in how The Beano will look than just the editor. It's a slower process, but it always ends up with me drawing fast to meet the deadline!

On Sunday 25th September trusty Colourist Nika and Top Beano scribe and Numskulls curator Nigel Auchterlounie made a public appearance delighting Beano fans of all ages at a Top Secret So Beano Experience in a deep, deep basement in central London.

Here is a short look at the mad Beano mayhem that ensued and even a glimpse of the two Nigels (and Nika, but only the top of her head is visible behind me!) as we all steamed through endless requests of sketches of Beano characters much to the excitement of all those present!
Watch a brief video here