Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist

Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist
This is him, at a recent Comic Con

Sunday, 13 May 2012

It's that time of year again!

I recently did this cover for the 2013 Dandy annual, which, as you can see, celebrates 75 years of this (generally) weekly comic. I'll show you the back cover nearer the time of publication. Can anyone name all the characters in the illustration? (Nice colours done by Nika)

I've drawn quite a few pages inside, too , including Cuddles and Dimples and my favourite, Owen Goal.


Peter Gray said...

I see you got Owen Goal on to the cover:)

Phil E. Thompson said...

From left to right, anti-clockwise:

1. Korky the Cat
2. Beryl the Peril
3. Owen Goal
4. Corporal Clott
5. Desperate Dan
6. Greedy Pigg
7. Brassneck
8. Winker Watson

And in the center: Chips and Bully Beef!

Kid said...

I'm not counting the candles - I'll trust you that there's 75.

NP said...

Everyone's correct. Good start to the week.

rossmac said...

Im going to sound impatient saying this, but any hints to the back cover...? More characters? Or a continuation of the front 'story'? And I'm assuming you've done more characters inside than just C&D and Owen?

James Spiring said...

rossmac, Nigel usually does Desperate Dan for the annuals. Apparently Jamie Smart's version doesn't fit the nostalgia market they're aiming for.

Got anything new planned for the weekly Dandy soon, Nigel?

NP said...

Yes, I've done several pages for The Dandy annual and the ones that have been mentioned above are amongst them.
And yes, I will soon be doing something new for The Dandy weekly, and I'll be scripting it too, first thing I've written since Harry Hill!

NP said...

Rossmac, the back cover is BOTH a continuation of the front AND more characters! Value for money or what!

rossmac said...

Aha, I think I can guess what means! I'll wait and see if I'm right though, but your comment does only seem to suggest one thing though...