Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist

Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist
This is him, at a recent Comic Con

Sunday, 25 March 2018

2018 In The Flesh

Fewer Comic Con appearances this year for me and Nika-  I've already done the first one, at Liverpool Exhibition Centre.

The next one is March 31st in Northwich, in Cheshire, nothing in April yet, let's see how this one goes.

Then we're doing Blackpool and Oldham in May, and in June, Macclesfield and a special event in Bradford which includes an appearance by just me at the Bradford Literary festival on 30th June. And in July we'll be somewhere or other.

There will be others, but for now that's the list. Nika fans should know she may not be at all or indeed any of these venues, as she now has an 11 week old to look after!


Unknown said...

I presume Nika's nipper will be called either Dennis or Minnie. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nigel,

Just been going through some pictures at my dad's and found a cartoon drawing of me signed by a Nigel Robinson in 1994. Am curious if it would be you but am unsure of how to get it to you - is there an email I could send it to?

NP said...

It's not by me.

Unknown said...


Delighted with our Dennis & Minnie drawings from London Film & Comic Con going to get frames today. We forgot our comic perhaps we’ll find our way to you at another event sometime :) Amanda

Fred said...

Greetings Nigel,

I have been digging around for 'Navy Lark' stuff for forty years now. The radio show gets to 60 in March 2019. Could you be tempted to produce an ensemble drawing on shoreor on Troutbridge for a celebratory card for our quite small membership now (under 50).
If you think you can squeeze a few minutes out of the few months remaining do please get in touch and I can help with a photo or more.

Many thanks

Fred Vintner