Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist

Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist
This is him, at a recent Comic Con (Photo (C) Alan A Andrew)

Monday, 12 October 2015

Anniversary Noted

I'm reminded that this week is 35 years since I got lucky and got my first real paying job as a cartoonist. But I'd been drawing for nearly twenty years by then; at school, known as 'Parko' I always had a pen or pencil in my hand. Even today, former school friends and teachers will recall me as 'the quiet lad with the pencil'. Well, some things never change, yet some do. I'm not quiet nowadays. So, as I take sixteen minutes off for a quick tincture in celebration, here's to the past, and all it's rustic mellow memories, and here's to the future, with it's unknown corners and hopeful pleasures, and most importantly to today, where it all actually happens, good, bad or mundane.


Grimbo said...

"Quiet lad with a pencil" perhaps, but you also had the smallest writing of anybody I ever taught: neat, precise, but microscopic. I also wish I'd kept the little drawings you used to leave behind on your desk, but alas I didn't have the foresight to realise "ebay" would one day be invented, and so those little gems were alas consigned to the bin.

NP said...

That's a relief, Grimbo. I've always been a 'what's next?' type; once I've done something, it's over. What's next?!