Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist

Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist
This is him, at a recent Comic Con

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

DITKO- a new book

I sometimes get weird looks from people when they find out I admire Jack Kirby or Frank Bellamy or someone. "But... you do funnies and they didn't..." their puzzled eyes seem to plead. Not true. I've done action, they've done funnies. Cartooning is cartooning whether one is going for a laugh or for a creep-out slug fest sci fi romance.

I like Steve Ditko. His work. I've never met him, and, even though he is still very much alive and well and even drawing, probably at this exact moment, I doubt I ever will meet him. But I know him, from his work. And what work. Original, daring, dynamic, and what a masterful storyteller.

Another great Yoe book, Ditko's Shorts has (finally) been published.
What more can you say about Craig Yoe's dedicated thoroughness and fan's-eye view of what to include (great design as usual- the tactile cover is a lovely weird treat by itself)?

OK, moving on to the stories and Steve's artwork. What more can you say about Ditko's surreal and disturbing world of dark shadows, angular victims, gross perpetrators and above all, beaded-sweating men on the run?

OK, then buy it.


Lew Stringer said...

Craig Yoe produces some fantastic books with great production values. I have the two volumes he did on Ditko a while ago so I'm tempted to buy this one too. Ditko (and Kirby) are the greatest.

Sean said...

Hi Nigel my name is Sean, you may remember me from such quizzes as the FACT movie quiz that I did a few times with you and Col. I just discovered your blog so I thought id say hello.

Tiniebras said...

The Yoe books are beautiful and well produced. Unfortunately as is often the case Ditko receives no remuneration for these reprints. However he's still producing work independently which he now funds through kickstarter (7 books so far). So for anyone who is enjoying the Yoe books, I'd recommend checking out the campaigns created by his publisher Robin Snyder :
It's also possible to order back issues of these books via her.

NP said...

Hi Sean, yes, we did some good quizzes! How are you and the wife? As you know, Colin has left the building, but I still do The FACT Movie Quiz- first Tuesday of the month!

NP said...

Yes Tiniebras I would recommend people check out Steve Ditko's newest small press work, and thank Robin for all the work done to keep Steve creating and publishing. Steve could have cut a deal with Marvel, published Spiderman and Dr Strange works never submitted in the 60s and so on but he's chosen not to for his own reasons. So "all" we have is the mammoth collection of work he began in the 50s and which continues to this day.

Sean said...

Hi again, we're both good thanks. Maybe I could come along to the quiz one Tuesday if you're short of team members?

NP said...

Always short of members!!

Professor Fester said...

Fester Faceplant here, thanks for the review! This book was almost a year in the making. A few notes, the research into finding these stories and which stories to include were done by me, while Craig headed up the design and minutia aspect (and Clizia doing technical work such as color corrections). A long, frustrating,but ultimately rewarding, journey making this book-- and we hope to bring more Ditko volumes some time in the future.

NP said...

Great work by all involved then, Fester! Looking forward to anything Ditko, he wasn't published much in the UK until Alan Class around 1963. A lad up our street had a new ugly looking thing called 'Amazing Adult fantasy' which I didn't like the look of. After a couple of issues it had the ugliest cover yet, some guy swinging across rooftops in a spider suit. I passed on it, got a Jerry Lewis comic instead. We all learn.