Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist

Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist
This is him, at a recent Comic Con

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Harry back to the Future

Way, way back in July, I had drawn half a dozen 2 page Harry Hill stories for the putative new Dandy. Then the editor decided we should have a four page story for the first one, so I redrew it and expanded it to four. Then the editor decided the first FOUR issues should be four page stories. Then the first EIGHT issues! Anyway, this week we have the first of those six month-old two pagers in the Dandy. Just in case anyone's keeping track. (A further four pager was drawn in July but has had to be pulled from the publication schedule because of an unfortunate topical hitch. That's what we get for trying to be up to the minute!) There will be four pagers again in the future - and even more than four pagers...


Kid said...

Good to see upper case lettering. What's the top strip in THE DANDY so far, NP? HARRY HILL? Wouldn't surprise me. And how's the circulation? Glad you enjoyed your holidays. The last holiday I had was in 1974. Honest.

James Spiring said...

Kid, according to the poll on, George vs Dragon is the most popular strip - but it doesn't include the entire roster.

Hackers said...

My eldest loves Harry Hill being in the Dandy. Excellent work - I hope the comic is doing well (here's to more publications!).

Dave W said...

Really love your work on the Harry Hill strip. In my humble opinion it's easily the best strip in the comic.

I'm intrigued by your comment---
'..pulled from the publication schedule because of an unfortunate topical hitch.'

Any chance you could tell us which topical hitch that was?

NP said...

Dave W-
"Any chance you could tell us which topical hitch that was?"

What, and spoil the magic of comics?! It was nothing serious, just someone took his helmet off and revealed who he was and WE were going to do that!

Unknown said...

Nigel Nigel. Still drawing, and still fantastic at it.

I cam across an email with the Name Nigel Parkinson and I did some digging and found this blog.

I was in England for Christmas, but it seems you were in Greece.

Anyhow, hello old friend, well I guess we are all a little older now.

Derek Bowen (If you remember me)