Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist

Nigel Parkinson, Cartoonist
This is him, at a recent Comic Con

Friday, 26 November 2010

Laurel and Hardy for Christmas?

If you've ever wanted to see almost all of Laurel and Hardy's best work but baulked at the price tag (it's list price is £199, though it's been on sale for £60 sometimes) or wondered how you're going to get such a monster box home, fret no more, because Lovefilm have a 48 hour sale, and you can get this item for under £33*, postage included! That's 21 discs of prime Stan and Ollie. By clicking on this link you can go right there and buy! Take a look through the whole list, there are dozens of titles, including box sets of The Comic Strip Presents and 30 Rock, for example, at good prices, and some single DVDs are under £3!
But hurry, offer closes on Sunday!

*UPDATE: Well, the offer has now closed, but they're still offering it for under £40. Tesco's bigger stores have it at £31, and HMV 's price is £39. 


Peter Gray said...

I got mine at £100 couldn't wait all those years for the price to reduce..I'm a big Laurel and Hardy fan and visited Stan's house and musuem with my best friend Richard we often watch these classics..

Bruce Laing said...

I got that set myself for around £73 through a few years back (in total it set me back about $210 including postage)

At the time, I didn't think Universal Pictures Australia would do such an excellent set here (and to date, they still haven't)

NP said...

Stan: "What's the matter with your wife?"
Ollie: "Oh, she says I think more of you than I do of HER."
Stan: "Well you do, don't you?"
Ollie: "Well we won't go into THAT."
They don't write dialogue like that any more. Free cyber pat on the back to the first to tell me what short that little exchange is from!

Peter Gray said...

As a guess Sons of the Desert..

NP said...

No. More viewing required.

NP said...

No more takers?
It was from 'Their First Mistake', 1932 ( I did say it was from a short, not a feature.) Quite racy for a major, popular two-reeler, with a divorce, a baby and two men on a bed. (Not unusual for them, but in this particular context, it must have raised howls of laughter and maybe even some shocked gasps in the cinemas of the time!)
It gets 2 and a half 'hats' in John McCabe and Al Kilgores' 1970s Filmography of the pair, so it's "above average", according to them.

George Shiers said...

im a big fan of laurel and hardy - even if i am only 13! yey! i just got one off amazon for 28 with free posatge! well spent pocket money.........

NP said...

Money well spent. When I was 11 or 12, Laurel and Hardy had a big comeback on saturday mornings and I still love them!